The famous words I was terrified to tell my Dad in Kindergarten. I knew I was getting close to T-Ball age, so I mustered up some courage and made the admission. His response, "That's okay, Jacob! We'll find something you like." Ooooh did they...


After observing the natural partnership I had with my sister for all things singing and dancing, my parents had me audition for a local production of Annie. I marched in with my cassette tape accompaniment and sang a song called "Happy Birthday Jesus." I was hooked.


I did my first musical when I was 6, dabbled in commercials (see headshot) before quickly telling my mom, "This is boring nobody claps for you," went to college to get a BFA in Musical Theatre, and then... made my Broadway debut at 26 with the word, "Hello." As for now... well... with Mr. Bernstein's orchestrations playing in my head I sing "Who knows..."


I love musical theatre with a fiery passion. But growing up meant realizing that what I truly love more than anything in the world is excellent storytelling. A good story is the shortest distance between two people, right? 


If only I had never told my Dad the truth! Maybe the acting bug would have spared me. Truth is... after the first time he watched me try and throw a baseball he looked at my mom and said "Um... that boy probably shouldn't touch that thing ever again."